Hard to breathe

When your standing in a room of negativity and finding it hard to breathe ;  

 Darling there’s only one thing I gotta say to you. 

Don’t be lured into the beauty of pain 

For though it satisfies some part of the soul it damages the other. 

And let me warn you

Slowly yet unknowingly you will break into pieces in hopes that love will fix you. 

You Beautiful person, look up to the sky and shine like the stars!

Feel the air around you! 

It’s not hard to breathe!! 

You’re just limiting yourself to the air in the room! 

So walk out! Walk out and dance in the rain and run towards infinity and beyond. Who knows someday, you’d find someone to lift you up into the sky and help you feel the air around you rather than limiting you to it. 

Just like I did. ❤️

Missed writing, will try posting regularly now. 

Love you guys! Spread love. 💕


Random post #2

Hello beautiful bloggers and readers. How’ve you been?

I hope you’re doing okay. If not I hope you find the courage to be okay. 

I must admit the rollercoster that I’ve been travelling in hasn’t been very smooth. I think I probably even puked a few times. But then which rollercoster is smooth? 
This last month I’ve been thinking of how important it is to know who you are and who you want to be.  

Then I realised how easily we’re influenced by the norms of social media.  How easily we let people define us. What angers me most is how we just casually let ourselves fit in with the people around us without really knowing who we are. 

For example, Posts say “It’s okay not to know where you’re going in life” and then some people who actually have a goal, a plan, say “That’s true” and just give up. JUST GIVE UP.

No! If you’re a person with a dream or goal you sit down there and get your ass working. 

There’s a group of people there. They look cool. Let me hang out with them. And boom before you know it you’re one of them. (Not necessarily in the negative sense) Maybe that’s why they say “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”  

Maybe that’s why people get along more in college, you know who you are and the kind of people you want to be with. And all is right again. (Well not literally)

And that comes back to the point dear friends, if you don’t know who you are or who you want to be or where you want to go or what you want to do, you have no purpose. 

Now all this might sound a little (lot?) clichèd to you. And you probably heard it time and again but. But. The more you know who you are and where you wanna go, the less you let things affect you”. -Stephanie Perkins. 

Know yourself but explore your options. Better yourself. 

Know the kind of people you want around you but learn from everyone you meet. 

Stay true to yourself. 

Here’s a video that inspired me,I request you to watch it.  I promise it won’t be a waste of time. 🙂 

Also if you ever happen to read this, Saisha Srivastava, YOU GO GIRL! God bless, you’ve made your mark. 

Take care everyone ❤️ Keep the faith.  

Blank Space 

No, I hate the song. 

When the love of your life is telling you everything in their life and all the things on their mind and you’re just blank because everything in your life and all the things on your mind is sitting in front of you. 

Too much 

Its too much, that this little heart carries. 

Probably the brain wondering what to do with these things called feelings and sending it to the heart asking it to carry the burden. 

And that’s what the little heart does, even when it’s too much. 


Come sit down next to me, hold my hand and talk to me.”

In a few years 

We’d be sitting in our lawn, holding hands and drinking coffee, having the most serious conversations about our home until the caffeine hits us and then we’d laugh together about the most absurd things we did and talk about fantasies together like we’ve never stopped dreaming 

They don’t tell;

“If to do were as easy as to know what were good to do, chapels had been churches, and poor men’s cottages princes’ palaces”

They say be kind, but they don’t teach you that. They say you have to be strong, but they don’t teach you how to.

Sitting between these four walls all I hear is screaming, though everyone around me is silent.

They don’t teach how to love. They don’t teach you how to move on.

“It’s these cards and the movies and the pop songs, they’re to blame for all lies and the heartache, everything.”

They say look before you fall, but they don’t tell you where to look.

They don’t tell you how to survive your first heartbreak. Or teach you how to face your first interview.They don’t say that one day you’re going to face failure. They don’t tell you that the sky is sometimes pink and sometimes grey. They don’t warn you about depression. They say survive because you have to, they don’t say how to and why.

They don’t tell you that one day, you’ll wake up, look around you and face another world.

They don’t tell you.